Franklin Cook, SPNAC editor and publisher, walks to promote suicide prevention — on Oct. 17, 2009, near Sturgis, S.D.

UPDATE (January 2014)

Franklin Cook of Unified Community Solutions now

Franklin maintained Suicide Prevention News & Comment regularly from October 2008 to March 2010, and it is being kept online because a number of posts continue to attract readers. For a time, approval of comments made were “on hold,” but comments are once again being moderated. All of the content will continue to be archived as long as there is an interest in some of the posts and WordPress provides this basic service for free. Please see the original announcement about SPNAC being archived or contact Franklin for more information.


Suicide Prevention News and Comment’s mission is to help communities keep up-to-date on developments in the fields of suicide prevention and suicide grief support. The website is intended to be a reader-focused resource, featuring news and information from across the United States and Canada (some posts reference stories of interest from elsewhere that are published in English). It is designed in the style of a newspaper (front-page stories in columns) and is presented in a blog format so readers can view all of SPNAC’s posts in the archives and post comments themselves if they’d like to. SPNAC’s editor posts headlined items to the website, which are chosen and presented based on editorial guidelines that delineate standards for newsworthiness, objectivity and point of view, practical implications and safety, inclusiveness, and literary merit.

SPNAC readers may post a comment by clicking on the “Comment” link at the bottom of a headlined item and providing a valid email address. SPNAC reserves the right to determine whether to publish a comment or not: If a comment is edited by SPNAC, [edited portions will be noted within bracketed text, like this]. This policy on comments is not intended to be exclusive: It is designed to encourage conversations in keeping with the quality of SPNAC’s content and the purpose underlying SPNAC’s editorial mission.

SPNAC is an independent blog, edited and published by Franklin Cook, a long-time suicide prevention advocate and suicide grief outreach worker. He operates Unified Community Solutions, a public health consultancy that provides leadership, technical assistance, and training throughout the United States to improve services to survivors of suicide loss (a survivor of suicide loss is any person who has been deeply affected by the suicide of someone with whom he or she is in a close relationship).

You may follow Franklin and SPNAC on Twitter (if you’d like to, you can read more about Twitter).


You can read a short bio of Franklin on the website of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, where he serves on the Consumer Survivor Subcommittee. Franklin’s father, Joseph, died of suicide in November 1978. He spoke about his father’s death, how a survivor support group helped him, and some of his views on suicide grief in a 30-minute talk [if you listen to the talk, please also read the comments about it, below] during the 10th annual National Survivors of Suicide Day event on Nov. 22, 2008 in Rapid City, S.D. You may also listen to him talk about his journey of healing in a brief presentation on the Lifeline Gallery (where any survivor can also create his or her own avatar and presentation).

Here is a photo of Franklin’s family in September 1978:

[The abridged URL for this page is bit.ly/aboutfjc.]

  1. I am so glad to have discovered your site. I will make much use of it. My wife is bipolar and we have been involved in suicide prevention efforts in Tennessee. We have two site that we use: http://www.hopeworkscommunity.com and http://www.hopeworksadvocacy.wordpress.com. You are doing great stuff and good service. Keep up the good works.

    Larry Drain

  2. Thanks for your kind words. Thanks for sharing those resurces. Another good online resource is the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. FJC

  3. This is a great resource. Thanks for providing it. I teach social work at Temple University and do research on suicide prevention/intervention/postvention for youth and their families. I appreciate the easy access to important information on suicide that you provide in this site. Thank you so much.

  4. Glad to know your site is available. I facilitate two Survivors of Suicide groups in Georgia, getting involved as a survivor since May 1987 when my fiance’ took his life in my presence. I wish this resource and the many others now emerging had been available twenty years ago. Best wishes and thank you!

  5. [...] for SAVE. The idea for this blog originated with the posts in the Grief Category at  “Suicide Prevention News and Comment,” which Franklin maintained from October 2008 through March 2010. For information about this [...]

  6. So glad I discovered your site! Recently loss my beloved sister to suicide, and I am now highly involved in suicide awareness and prevention!

    Thank you!

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