Franklin James Cook

Media Award Recognizes Sensitive Treatment of Suicide

In Media on October 30, 2008 at 7:09 am

ORIGINAL REPORT — The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention has given its 2008 Media Award to Calgary Herald reporter Michelle Magnan for an article published last year.

The story — which detailed Alberta’s high suicide rate — was “an outstanding piece of journalism and made an important contribution to educating the public about suicide in a respectful, sensitive and informative manner,” says Tim Wall, the association’s executive director.

Titled “Shining a Light,” the article begins with the story of a 49-year-old Alberta farmer who grapples with depression, then loses his 23-year-old son to suicide, then uses that family’s experience as a window through which the community’s experience of suicide can be viewed.

Pictures of other Albertans who have died by suicide adorn a blue and white banner that hangs at The Support Network in Edmonton.

They look like everyday people — friends, parents, neighbours.

Suicide does not target a certain economic class, age group, or gender, and it permeates communities throughout Alberta.

Every year for almost a decade now, more Albertans have died at their own hands than in motor vehicle collisions.



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