Franklin James Cook

“His Bright Light” Author Launches Blog

In Grief on November 1, 2008 at 12:33 pm

ORIGINAL ANNOUNCEMENT — A blog hosted by the San Francisco Chronicle announces that romance novelist Danielle Steel has launched her own blog with the first post just last week on her website. The announcement quotes Steel on her intentions as a new blogger:

“I want it to be friendly and positive” she said. “I have seen some of the blogs being highly critical about people and highly nasty. I don’t like that in life; it’s just not necessary. Life is hard enough without being sour on top of it.”

Steel is best known in the suicide survivor community for her 1999 memoir His Bright Light, in which she tells the story of her son’s struggle with depression and his suicide at age 19. The book’s prologue beautifully introduces her story about the “hard, hard road [of] loving someone with bipolar disease.”

I wouldn’t give away these nineteen years for anything in the world. I wouldn’t give up the pain or the torment or the sheer frustration, or the occasional misery of it, because there was so much joy and happiness that went with it … He taught me more about love and joy and courage and the love of life and wonderful outrageousness than anything or anyone else in my life ever will. He gave me the gifts of love and compassion and understanding and acceptance and tolerance and patience, wrapped in laughter, straight from his heart. And now I share these gifts with you.


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