Franklin James Cook

This Veteran’s Day, Please Battle against Stigma

In Policy, Stigma on November 10, 2008 at 7:48 pm

ORIGINAL OP-ED — Linda Rosenberg, President and CEO of the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare, writes in the Pasadena Star-News that research supports the idea that “trepidation about receiving psychiatric care” prevents veterans from getting help for psychiatric problems.

A 2004 study of 6,000 military men and women involved in ground combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan found that of those whose responses indicated a mental health problem, only 23 to 40 percent sought psychiatric help. Many who did not seek treatment cited fear of being stigmatized as a reason.

Rosenberg is encouraged by the recently signed Veterans Mental Health and Other Care Improvements Act, and she outlines a number of practical actions people can take to help veterans get the help they need and deserve.

On this Veterans Day, whether we are a veteran, family member, friend, co-worker or simply a concerned citizen, we all need to make sure we continue to fight the stigma attached to seeking mental health treatment.

  1. Let’s get real here. Mental health professionals make plenty of money on fabricating “mental illnesses”. They are getting a financial bonanza from they pain of our veterans. The evidence shows that psych words are demeaning, and cause many more devistating social problems. Marriages, careers, and relationships suffer because the public, ” has learned how awful it is to receive psych treatments in the first place”. Psychs stay in money because of money, propaganda, the media, and manipulation of the truth. The average GI knows this. Psych diagnoses are unaccountable, unreliable, and not valid but they allow psychs to reap a fortune at the expense of their patients. Physicians know this. The evidence is clear both for the military, and civilian patients. Psychologists are non-medical, and are not doctors (they just like to make believe that they are.) Psychologists are a hoax, and play a fradulent game with people’s lives. Psychiatrists are physicians, and are medical doctors. The record on mental health in America is dismal. Commanders should research the facts, and determine if this is the way they should go. Evidence shows that the best help veterans can receive, is from other veterans. Its better and its cheaper. Psychologists for one thing, should NOT be allowed on military hospital wards, and all psycholigsts should be strickly supervised by nurses, and physicians. The record of abuse and corruption in the field of mental health is unbelieveable. Please research the facts.

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