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British Parliament Taking Action on Pro-Suicide Websites

In Media, Policy, Prevention on December 3, 2008 at 8:26 pm
Imogen D'Arcy

Imogen D'Arcy

ORIGINAL REPORT — The Yorkshire Evening Post reports that the Queen’s Speech on Wednesday includes evidence that the newspaper’s longstanding campaign to shut down so-called pro-suicide websites might be getting a foothold in Parliament.

The Government has announced that new legislation will help to crack down on Internet sites which promote suicide and carry suggestions on how people can kill themselves.

Queen Elizabeth II, in her address announcing upcoming legislative initiatives, referred to the Coroners and Justice Bill, which includes a mandate to

Modernise the law on assisting suicide to help increase public understanding and reassure people that it applies as much on the Internet as it does off-line …

The Evening Post has been following the case of 13-year-old suicide victim Imogen D’Arcy, who died by suicide after viewing Internet sites on the subject.

[Leeds North West MP Greg] Mulholland said: “It simply cannot be right that impressionable young people like Imogen are able to visit websites which actually promote suicide and provide advice on how people can take their own life. I warmly welcome the fact that the issue was mentioned as part of the Queen’s Speech today, and that change should occur within the year, but we must continue to press the Government to ensure that this is the case.”

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