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Obama Urged To Take the Lead on Internet Safety

In Advocacy, Media, Prevention on December 10, 2008 at 7:29 pm

ORIGINAL REPORT — A report in the Washington Post says “advocates are pushing president-elect Barack Obama to put more resources toward protecting children from crime, harassment and predators on the Web.”

The Family Online Safety Institute … is urging the new administration to appoint a National Safety Officer within the office of the Chief Technology Officer Obama has promised to create. The group is also asking for $100 million a year to fund education and research, an annual White House summit on safety issues, as well as the creation of a national council to coordinate efforts among federal agencies, advocacy and industry groups.

“Young people who are at the greatest risk online are the ones who are already at greater risk in the real world,” [said Nancy Willard, executive director for the Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use.] “We have to stop thinking about Internet safety as a technology issue and recognize that it is an extension of youth risk behavior.”

UPDATE (12/11/2008): In related news, a post on a Los Angeles Times technology blog states that “YouTube has created a new section of its site called the Abuse and Safety Center, largely as a resource for parents and their teenage children.” It also points to YouTube’s page on “who to call if you are concerned someone is at risk of suicide.”

Here’s the original post, from YouTube’s blog.

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