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Walsch Asks for Comments on God’s View of Suicide

In Uncategorized on December 12, 2008 at 3:17 pm

ORIGINAL POST — Neale Donald Walsch, author of ndwalsch2Conversations with God has posted on his blog the question “Does the Bible condemn suicide?” He uses a comment he received to a recent thread on euthanasia–

“In the Bible, there are six recorded suicides. In none of these is there any implication that God condones or condemns, that they went to hell, although he doesn’t encourage them either, any of them.”

–to invite his readers to focus their comments on the Bible and suicide in general:

I would love to know what those six recorded suicides were … I would love the specific references … and I would love to know if Bible readers and serious Bible students agree with the above statement.

For context, Walsch points out that the previous thread “produced a slew of responses.”

I read every one of them, and found them all, every one, to be extraordinarily interesting. In the survey I took, nearly 85% of respondants chose Answer B: God is essentially neutral in the matter of assisted suicide … or any suicide, for that matter. The second largest response was for Answer A: God says it is okay. The smallest number of responses … only a handful, including multiple and continuing posts from one person … chose Answer C: God says it is “wrong.”

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  1. we must also keep in mind that most suicides have occured as a result of an underlying mental illness as suicideologists will tell you, encompassing unbearable anquish and hopelessness which is what leads one to suicide. Therefore, most of the suicided could not have been in a rational and sound frame of mind or they would have chosen life. They were already victims before the suicide even occured and nothing but empathy and mercy should be granted these suffered souls. They wanted to end their pain, not their lives which is the important key to remember. It would be cruel and unfair to judge these poor souls as a murderer in the same light.

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