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Teen Reports on Attempt, Hospitalization, Recovery

In Intervention, Mental Illness, Postvention on December 26, 2008 at 12:19 pm
Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones

ORIGINAL REPORT — [Editor’s note: The original report includes a brief description of a suicide attempt.] In a video report on 1010 WINS news, reporter Ben Mevorach tells the story of  what happened after a nonfatal suicide attempt a year ago by now-16-year-old Ryan Jones, in  the house where “they live in a picture postcard community in Connecticut.”:

Since then, Ryan has been in and out of a psychiatric hospital three times and doctors continue to try and find the proper medication to help him cope [with bipolar disorder].

He is trapped in a war in his head. Good thoughts versus bad thoughts. Reasons to live versus reasons to die. It is a daily struggle, but what Ryan did next — with his family’s support — is pretty amazing. Rather than hide his depression, anxiety, and suicide attempt from the outside world, he wrote about it for his high school’s independent paper.

In “Dad’s Perspective: An Introduction To Ryan’s Story,” Ryan’s father, 1010 WINS reporter Al Jones, explains,

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates nearly 6 million adults in the United States suffer from bipolar disorder, and of the 3.4 million children diagnosed with depression, one-third are bipolar. My son Ryan is one of them. Initially, I thought it was better to keep it quiet, but my son disagreed. He wrote a three-part series for his school newspaper on one of his three stays in a mental health facility.

Ryan’s first-person narrative is a vivid retelling of his admission to a psychiatric hospital, his state of mind during manic and depressive times, the dilemmas faced by other inpatients with psychiatric disorders, and his struggle with mental stability and suicide. It offers a candid glimpse into the experiences of a teen with bipolar disorder, which some may find disturbing but which tells a real-life story about recovery from mental illness.

“My Days In The Mental Hospital,” by Ryan Jones: Chapter I; Chapter II; Chapter III.

Ryan concludes,

We’re young and for the most part untainted by the world, so don’t let a life slip by that could be preserved. If you’re suicidal and you think you’re going to do something, if you just can’t go on, go to a hospital, see a psychiatrist, talk to people that you can trust … do what you can to stay around … If you die, you lose your life, and all those that love you will lose a bit of theirs. It’s a struggle, but you’re worth it.

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If you or someone you know feels suicidal, please click on NEED HELP?

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