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Town’s Website Reacts to Economy with Mental Health Tips

In Mental Illness on March 24, 2009 at 7:45 pm

Wise words about the economy and mental health recently came from the website of a town in eastern Massachusetts, where a humble public servant — Jon Mattleman, Director of the Needham Youth Commission, to be precise — wrote this:

If you are experiencing stress about the economy and/or your finances, below are a few tips that you might want to consider:

If you are in a relationship — Money can be a significant source of stress in relationships. If one partner feels overwhelmed or panics, it is important that the other person provide stability and support so that both don’t spiral downward together.

If you have kids — Be honest with your children as well as age-appropriate in explaining how the financial crunch is impacting the family. Be positive, reassuring, and ask them if they have any fears. Children look to parents for information and guidance, and parents need to model behavior which illustrates that they are coping appropriately also.

If you are retired, single, and/or alone — Clearly this is a time of unprecedented concern for our economy…but the reality is that we have faced difficult times in the past and ultimately triumphed. Make certain to share your feelings with others and keep connected with friends.

Generally speaking, for all people it is important to:

  • Try to keep a positive attitude
  • Exercise and stay active
  • Learn to accept what you cannot control
  • Learn relaxation techniques such as deep breathing
  • Get plenty of sleep/rest
  • Limit or eliminate alcohol/drug use
  • Seek out social supports
  • Laugh – this is one of the most effective stress reducers
  • Get help from friends or a professional if you feel overwhelmed, depressed, or at risk for self injury.

We don’t know if Mr. Mattleman’s composition was entirely original of if he compiled his suggestions from other sources, but we applaud him for sharing them with his constituents … and, now, with all of us.

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